Being an artist is definitely a thrilling career. I enjoy creating work that I feel passionate about and then to have someone else find beauty and a connection with that piece is absolutely amazing.

For many years, my paintings were rooted in the representational style. Perhaps this is a result of my education being primarily in graphic design. Since then, my artistic vision has transitioned from impressionism to expressionism and occasionally abstraction.

My artistic ventures lead me to dive deeper into my craft, exploring unexpected possibilities so that I can allow my subconscious and imagination create work that is appealing to the senses. I develop my works through the use of a wide color palette, several layers of material, and mixed media elements.

My process gives me a freedom to explore new ways of looking at things. I like to leave enough room for the viewer to interpret what they see so they can share in that experience and make it their own.

Recently, I’ve been looking more deeply into nature, taking my time to get closer to the plants, trees, river rocks, and shells, exploring not just their changing variety of colors, but also feeling their textures. I also take long walks in towns and cities at various times of day taking in all of the visual stimulation to further inform my work. Reflections of light upon surfaces are a large part of what inspires me. The original light source is what first catches my attention, but then seeing its effects upon the surroundings is what gives my creativity an extra boost. Every time I travel it expands my subject material and stimulates my creativity to new levels. All of this informs my creations and invigorates me to paint. I'm excited to get into the studio every day of the week to see what new works will unfold.

I have a wide variety of subject matter including florals, city scenes, forests, landscapes, waterscapes, bridges, the beach and vessel paintings. I also portray this subject matter in both day and night settings. I am currently working on a series of all of these subjects. 

My current work is my most personally satisfying work to date because I’m feeling most in touch with my imagination coming into fruition. My art is a reflection of my life, thoughts and translations of the world around me into paint. Everywhere I go, I’m constantly thinking of turning what I see into paintings. Structures of buildings, social settings and nature all translate into perceiving the contrasts of darks and lights, soft and hard edges and their relationships to create a complete composition.

My emotional tone creates a sense of wonder, curiosity, fascination and mystery on the canvas. My artistic interpretations satisfy my need to share with others both joy, and the beauty of the world. 

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