Patterson Farm, Artists of Yardley Center

| 20 April, 2015 15:27

"Patterson Farm" ... Oil on Board ... 18"x40"
I've finally painted the home of the Artists of Yardley. This is a long expansive farmscape- measuring 40" long. I finally found a composition, lighting and time of year that worked for me. I also had this unusual size board laying around and it really lent itself to the composition. Great size for over a mantle. I painted this while listening to lots of solo piano music with thick paint, directional brushstrokes, light flickering sky, brightly lit barns, deep shadowed foreground, waving wheat fields and fresh spring colors on my mind. Midway through this painting my palette fell to the floor for no apparent reason and shattered. I'll be using my backup, palette paper, until I can make a new one.